New Video Game Booking

Logan just finished lending his voice to two characters in a popular mobile game. Soon you'll be able to play along side his dragon and creature voices!

Booked Blade & Soul!

Fresh new booking: This week Logan brought several Blade & Soul characters to life!

The popular MMO is produced by NCSoft and dubbed by G'AG Productions.

Be sure to listen for Logan in the latest expansion! 

Elevator Pitch in Post Production!

Elevator Pitch, written and directed by Brian Reynolds, was recently screened for cast a crew at a private showing, will soon be completed and making the rounds of the festival circuit!

We can't wait to show you this fun, charming short film! 


That's a Wrap!

Logan just wrapped a new short film! Details to come soon- you definitely won't want to miss him as this hilarious and hapless writer!

Banking Spot Booked!

Logan has booked an informercial that will be broadcast in the UK! Logan will be working on the shoot, not only as a performer, but as an onset dialect coach! He'll be assisting in localizing the copy, as well as coaching other performers through their various UK dialects.